Friday, February 8, 2013

"Housekeeping" Announcements

I'm back!  I've been enjoying my post-Christmas-photography lull: that natural time of year in the winter months when my lovely clients aren't as interested in photos.  And that's okay!  It provides me with a nice break after the fall/Christmas photo rush.

That said, I do have a couple of announcements regarding Century Photography:

We're expecting our 3rd sweet baby, due 7/13/13! 
1) Many have asked, and yes, I am planning to schedule sessions at least until the beginning of July.  (My babies are always late, so you shouldn't need to worry about your session being canceled due to an early delivery.)
2) I will be taking an abbreviated maternity leave, expecting to slowly work back into scheduling sessions beginning in the middle of September.  I will probably only schedule 1 session/week in Sept/Oct.  Because of this, you may want to plan ahead if you are interested in fall photos and book early.  I will begin scheduling fall sessions while on my maternity leave (July).
3) If you have a CP Baby Plan, don't worry!!  If your 3 mo/6 mo/etc session falls during my maternity leave, you will be an exception and I will still do that session; probably after my baby is 3 weeks old.  That should still allow us to take timely photos.  If you'd like to discuss another option, let me know.

Next announcement:
I am booking now for February, March, and April sessions.  Expect an in-home, studio-type session during cold or inclement weather.  As soon as it's warm enough, I'd love to meet you outside, or an in-home session is always an option.

Here is an in-home studio look at one of my cuties - you'd never know this was taken in my daughter's room, would you?

Happy early Valentine's Day!  Century Photography loves being your family photo provider!

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