Saturday, December 8, 2012

Price Changes for 2013

I'm increasing some specialty prices for 2013.  This will only affect about 20% of my clients, as I'm not changing all prices for all sessions.

My normal pricing will remain as follows:

Full session: $110 (see "pricing" tab for all that includes)
Mini-session: $60 (see "pricing" tab for all that includes)

That said, here are the price changes for 2013.

Travel Fee
For sessions that take place in Winston-Salem, Durham, Raleigh, or similar or farther distances from Greensboro, I will be adding a $15 travel fee to the normal session fee.  If you are purchasing a package, the travel fee will be $20 for the Bouncing Baby plan and $30 for the Grow With Me plan - can be discounted if not all of the sessions will take place in those travel areas.

Large Group Fee
For groups larger than 6 people: a full session will cost $130 and will include 25 photos.  A mini-session will cost $70 and will include 12 photos.

Thanks for your understanding!  I so enjoy each of my clients!

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