Saturday, June 9, 2012

Long Time Gone

Oh my goodness, this site has been sorely neglected!  If you're not following Century Photography on Facebook, I would love to have you!  The Facebook page is updated much more frequently than this is.  You can find it here: Century Photography on Facebook.

I have had several photo sessions since my last update - and what's a post without pictures?  So here are some recent cuties.  First, sweet miss EA is one of my "Watch Me Grow" plan babies.  She had her 6 month photos in March.

Her cousin, Miss V, also took some photos with me.  I think toddler feet are at least as cute as baby feet!

Miss C had her 18 month photos a few weeks ago.  It was so nice to meet her, and to capture her long, beautiful eyelashes!

Those are just a few of the sweeties I've seen lately.  Email me for a session - I'd love to photograph your cutie pie next!

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